Miracle Baby Sleep System

The Miracle BabySleep System™

Miracle Baby Sleep SystemCrying Baby. New parents will react, for sure, while reading the word “crying”. A crying baby was never part of that idyllic vision, so this my take them you by surprise. But the fact is, all babies cry at one time or another. Some babies cry more than others, but they all do cry, why? To unravel that mystery, it’s important to understand why babies might make a fuss. “The womb is a rich symphony of sensations,” says Harvey Karp, MD, creator of The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD (Trinity Home Entertainment). But when we put kids to sleep with no movement in a room by themselves, it’s like sensory deprivation. “Babies are often reacting to the lack of rhythmic sounds and motions they experienced when they were in the womb,” says Dr. Karp.

The audio product which is going to be presented  in the following review,
promises to solve this problem.

The Baby Sleep System is a audio compilation designed by:

William Lenihan, Director of Jazz and Compositional Studies, Washington University, St. Louis

Jay Oliver, Los Angeles based Composer/Producer whose credits include The Eagles, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Buffett and many others.

Those two talented musicians and professionals had uncovered a myriad of new ways to design audio/music recordings that are scientific in nature and design, and also aesthetically pleasing to the ear.

Together Smart Wave Company (based in Los Angeles, CA,) have created a compilation of music which is revolutionary.  The WombEffect™ technology, which is the accurate reproduction of the intrauterine sonic environment. The resulting audio recordings have been shown to a powerful effect on newborn babies, as well as most adults.How the system works is Womb Effect. Womb Effect is an accurate reintroduction to the womb, it produces an under-water like effect that is just how your baby remembers it. It’s mixed with a soothing lullaby.

Besides that, a research based on a clinical trial at Oklahoma University Medical Center has shown that the Womb Effect has the following benefits:

  • accelerated growth and development for premature babies;
  • deeper and more sustainable infant sleep;
  • improved cerebral brain function in brained damaged infants
  • improved neuronal development and synapse formation at normal babies

Recently, and perhaps more significantly on a global scale, they have conceived, designed and created an innovative progressive audio series that incorporates a new technology called “Pitch/Rhythm Mapping.” This groundbreaking technology has been anecdotally observed at the Children’s Hospital Oklahoma University Medical Center to stimulate “neuronal rejuvenation.”

The Miracle Baby Sleep System from SmartWav has been praised by universities and parents all over, including James Cameron (the man behind Titanic and Avatar). So does the testimonials. On their website there is a sample posted so, I have listened to it before starting to research for this article. My reaction was: “Nice that sound’s like a mother’s hearthbeat”. Therefore, whitout futher comments related to this, in th following you will find a presentation of the package promoted by Smart Wave.

• The Miracle BabySleep System “Wind Down” Lullaby Soundtrack
(featuring the lush and deeply relaxing piano lullabies of legendary pianist, Jay Oliver
• The Miracle BabySleep System “Sleep Through The Night” Extended Soundtrack
(featuring the WombEffect™ audio technology)
• Bonus “Parent Sleep” Extended Soundtrack
• PDF INSERT with information, tips, and instructions and getting the best use of the system
Plus MP3 download.

The first disc  is the first stage of the system. It is recommended you play it as your baby nods off into dreamland. Disc two is the “sleep through the night” phase. SmartWav recommends you have this disc on repeat and you transfer into the room right after you listen to the first disc. This decreases the chances of your baby waking up and becoming agitated due to separation anxiety. The technology behind this disc is used to help your baby stay relaxed and sleep longer.  The third disc is for the parents. Using the “rolling white noise” technology, this disc gently puts you to sleep.

In the end, better sleep means:

  • better growth and weight development
  • better resistance to developmental problems
  • better resistance to behaviour problems
  • better resistance to latter addictions such as alchool/drug abuse